What to expect

In most cases your initial appointment will last approximately ninety minutes to two hours and involve a comprehensive diagnosis, followed by the treatment.

The diagnosis involves questions about all systems of the body, pulse & tongue observation and discussion regarding lifestyle and diet.

The treatment will follow and this involves the insertion of very fine, hair like needles into specific points on the body. Typically a maximum of twelve needles are used, treating six points bilaterally, although the actual points and amount of needles involved can vary.

One of the most frequent questions that prospective patients ask is, “Does it hurt”? This is a perfectly natural question and the short answer is no! It is however very important that the patient does experience some sensation when the needle contacts the “qi” at the point. It is common for patients to describe the sensation as a dull ache or a vibration but it should never be painful. Once the needle has been inserted it can be manipulated and withdrawn or more commonly manipulated and left in place for about twenty minutes or so. All needles used are single use and sterile.

As well as needles, patients may also be treated using moxibustion, cupping or other Chinese medicine disciplines.
Moxa is made of the plant mugwort and is used either loose or compressed and rolled into a cigar like shape. When burned and placed near specific points it can help in a variety of ways by adding heat to the patient. Again, it is never painful and never allowed to burn too close to the skin; in fact most patients find moxa treatments extremely relaxing. Cupping involves placing varying size round, glass or plastic “cups” on specific points on the body and removing the air to form a vacuum with the skin. This causes blood to come to the area and can be very useful in many conditions.
As with other treatments, it is not painful but it is common for the patient to have discoloration of the skin where the cups have been. This should only last for a couple of days following treatment.

Hopefully, this answers many of your most immediate questions but should you have any others, or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me using the phone and text number or email address on the contact page.